System of Examination

In DBI, courses are conducted on semester basis. In each semester, students have to paper in Midterm-l and Midterm-ll examinations( taken by the college) and semester Final examination(taken by National University).Students also have to sit for class tests and quizzes, Participate in case studies, prepare assignments, and conduct presentations on each course during each semester. The total marks obtained in the midterm examinations, class tests, quizzes, case studies, assignments, and presentations are considered as in-course marks and become an integral part (30%) in determining the final grade in each course.
Students in course marks must be satisfactory in order to qualify the students to sit for the examinations under National University.

Course & Marks Distribution

Each semester consists of nineteen weeks, sixteen of which are allotted for classes and the remaining three weeks are Mid term- l & ll Examination and Semester Final Examination held under National University.
Following is the chart of courses and marks distribution of BBA Program:

Total number of courses in eight semesters:40
Regular courses:39
Project paper and Viva-voce:1

Marks distribution
Under National University (39 x70)2730
Under College (39 x30)1170
Project paper and VIVA-voce100
Total Marks in the program4000

Exam Schedule