Medium of Instruction

Medium of instruction plays a pivotal role in imparting education to the students. At present in national and international perspective special emphasis on learning English along with our mother tongue must be imposed to augment the qualitative excellence of the learners.

With this end in view, much importance is ascribed to English in DCCI Business Institute In spite of Bengali being the medium of instruction in Higher Secondary and Degree Levels. The other related aspects are discussed in English so that the students can take hold of foreign books by mastering English terminologies. Priority is given to English as the medium of instruction in honors and masters levels so that can a learner can keep pace with the time by studying internationally recognized books on the related subjects.
In Business Administration the medium of instruction is English.


The ultimate aim of education is flourish, in full bloom, one's intellectual, mental and spiritual entity in a disciplined and planned way. Discipline is an essential prerequisite for the proper blossom of a man's physical, mental and spiritual talents. In reality, it appears that the more a person, the institution or the nation is prosperous. With this end in view, each and every student is it observe the following rules and regulations with utmost sincerity.

College Dress

The college authority specially designs students dress and identity cards. It is compulsory for the students to wear college dress in the college campus during class hours, examinations and any other function of the college. Even it is obligatory for the students to dress themselves in college uniform at the time of university examinations which are held at other examination centers.
The designs of the college uniform for the students are as follows:

College Idintity Card

All the students are to exhibit their identity cards properly during classes, examinations and all other co-curricular activities. It is compulsory for the students to hang their identity card on their neck so that any teacher can easily identify a student.
All the students are to preserve their respective identity cards carefully because they are to produce it at the time of collecting mark sheet, certificates and testimonials from the college.
If the identity card is lost, the concerned student is to lodge a general diary with the nearby police station and he/she is to apply to the principal of the college with the copy of the diary for a new identity card. If the prayer is granted, the concerned students will be supplied a duplicate identity card within seven days on payment of necessary fee.

Class Attendance

A regular student is to attend all the classes to follow the prescribed courses satisfactorily. So a student cannot remain absent in any class. However, in reality a student may meet with different unavoidable and unwanted circumstances. Considering all these, the authority has determined the minimum requirement of class attendance as 85% of the total classes held for each course.


Conduct of each and every student of this college is expected to be polite, decent and ideal student-like. A student's presence in class in due time, maintaining silence in library, Seminar and the laboratory, cleanliness and discipline are earnestly desirable. Students are to abide by the following code of conduct:

Student Politics

Student politics is strictly prohibited in this college.

Punitive Measures

Eligibility For Appearing In National University Examinations

The students of DCCI Business Institute have to meet the following minimum criteria to get promotion to higher classes and to sit for the final examinations of National University.

Under such circumstances, the concerned student is not allowed to continue study here.

Industrial Visits & Study Tour

In order to make the students aware of the system of production, Management, Marketing, Accounting and other techniques usually followed in the industrial concerns industrial/educational tour is arranged at some convenient time during the course period for which each students is to pay the required subscription at that time.

Seminar & Workshops

As an integral part of the BBA program the department organizes lectures by guest teachers, arranges seminars and workshops inviting leading business figures and reputed personalities from the public and private sectors to express their views on the major challenges facing business and industry today.