DCCI Business Institute was founded in 2009 with a commitment to maintaining high academic standards and contributing in the building of an educated nation fit to address the challenges ahead.

BBA programme under National University is one of the most successful programmes. In the journey towards its cherished desire of being "A centre of Excellence", DBI College has taken a big stride in the field of higher education in the recent years. The introduction of BBA programme under National University in the academic session 2014-2015, we are admitting the 4th batch of BBA students into the college.

The academic performance of the students of the previous batches of the BBA programme of this college has received accolades from all over the country.

The college has already received appreciation from the various corners of our society for its contribution in this regard. The process of globalization has transformed the world into a global village. We bring together talented students in our business school where the teachers are working at the frontiers of their subjects. Our degrees are regarded highly both at home and abroad.

I urge you to read this prospectus carefully, but better still, if you pay us a visit and talk to the current students of business discipline. I think you could take the right decision for your future carrier.