The primary objective of this program is to develop knowledge and skills that will enable the students to undertake responsibility of the young executives in business organization successfully. We aim not only to offer our students the best learning opportunities but also to provide an excellent base for building careers, and playing valuable roles in the society. DBI College is one of the leading business institutions with exceptional achievements in flourishing business education in Bangladesh.

DBI College is the institute which running the BBA course under National University most successfully and the pass percentage of the students of the current and previous batches is 100%. Choosing an educational institution for BBA degree is one of the important and difficult decisions. I believe, your time at the institution should be enjoyable and worthwhile which will prepare you well for the future. You, as individuals, may have different priorities but you should be judicious so that your choice of educational institution is appropriate. You will be glad to know that the faculty members of BBA program consist of extremely qualified in–house teaching staff as well as reputed university teachers. By working with people at the edge, not only will you acquire knowledge but also sharpen your skill of analysis for forming an opinion, defending it, and presenting an argument cogently. At DBI College, we want to give you an opportunity to stretch yourself intellectually and socially.

Higher education is much more than just academic study and we hope to provide you with all the means to develop your full potential. If you do join us, I hope you will look back at this time with satisfaction of having made the right choice in your matured years.